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Agrucapers in TV Show “España Directo”

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On 7th June of 2017 the team of TVE magazine "ESPAÑA DIRECTO" issued the production process of our capers, following the line of this tv program with multiple live connections, which deal with current topics such as events, festivities, folklore, culture, curiosities, gastronomy and great attention is paid to the rural and traditional world.
Therefore, when the team of ESPAÑA DIRECTO contacted us and we explained them what our product consisted of, where tradition, sustainability and gastronomy are combined in a range of healthy products, they showed great enthusiasm. An interest, which they perfectly show in a report of only 2 minutes, but loaded with content.
Thus, workers from different departments of the company, with our Director General, Manolo Pelegrín, at the head, accompanied the program conductor, who explained how the caper is produced from its collection until it reaches the tables of our homes, doing reference to the evolution of the plant, which ends with the appearance of its fruit, the caperberry.
The last scene left us an emotional toast between the team of Agrucapers and the reporter of ESPAÑA DIRECTO, Fernando Ballesteros, in which the staff of this tv program could taste a delicious cocktail made with white vermouth and caperberries, known as Capertini.