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Agrucapers at SIAL Paris 2020 virtual

SIAL 2020 Agrucapers

Every two years the SIAL Paris Fair is held, a massive event in which production companies, distributors or buyers meet to learn about the latest news in the food market. In this way, we manage to create links between different companies, and develop enriching relationships that allow countries around the world to import and export totally innovative products.

Given the current situation, and after the cancellation in its face-to-face form of the Fair, Agrucapers did not miss the opportunity to organize the event virtually, being so able to take care of the links with our clients (in many cases, already professional colleagues) and even create new ones. This fact is totally innovative and represents a change or evolution, which includes new methods of company-client communication and becomes established as an outstanding alternative to traditional fairs.

Impact of SIAL 2020

During this week, more than 40 companies have met by videoconference with our Commercial Department. Agrucapers has had the opportunity to meet with companies from Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Argentina, Chile, the United States, Canada, and many other countries. After the success of the sessions and considering the global situation, it is clear that the search for creative solutions, to generate competitive business activity, is as important as necessary to recycle. We are living in a time of change and immediate technological growth, therefore promoting this type of action will bring success to many companies soon.

The development of the Virtual SIAL 2020 has meant for Agrucapers the opportunity to see a possible future reality in perspective, motivated them to make a notable leap forward at a technological and digital level, and allowed them to progress in new areas with which to reinvent themselves.