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The first line of spicy pickles

encurtidos picantes nueva línea

Agrucapers has just launched, for the first time in the food market, a complete line of spicy pickles among which we find gherkins, capers, garlic, capers and a mix of pickles.

This is one of the great moments of the year for Agrucapers, and it is that launching new products is always exciting and satisfying for employees and customers. Delicias Agrucapers joins a new and special family of products, in this case pickles, where the difference respect to other types of pickles is that they are spicy. What is truly innovative about this new line of spicy pickles is that it is a unique family of products on the market; fills a gap seeking to be a benchmark in the sector. Agrucapers seeks to break not only in taste, but also in label design, going out of the comfort zone and opening to a new audience.

How spicy is it?

This is one of the questions that are emerging the most, and it is that for many, what can be a blessing, is a problem. Not everyone tolerates spicy in the same way and that is a reality. In the case of this new line of spicy pickles, a natural resin is used those functions as a flavoring agent for the product and gives it a light and unique flavor, not extreme, which supposes a perfect balance in terms of contrast of flavor and spiciness.

In short, we have made sure that the taste is tolerable for everyone; It is a spicy touch that will be liked both by lovers of spicy and those who consume this type of product less often.

What pickles are selected?

The R&D, Quality and Production departments have been carefully selecting the most suitable products for this ambitious project. Some of them are very iconic for the company, others more risky, and with a criterion of choice from a growth, development and innovation point of view.

Agrucapers is present and future for the gastronomic sector and continually looks a way to break with the established, to surprise, to be a world reference and to be a pioneer in the development of new products. All of this has also been possible, thanks to Martín Berasategui, world-renowned chef and gastronomic advisor for the Delicias Agrucapers brand. In the near future you will be able to acquire these new products in our e-commerce, which is currently under development. The products that are part of this new line of spicy pickles are:

pepinillos picantesalcaparrones picantesalcaparras picantesajos picantesmix de encurtidos picantes


With an unmistakable flavor and a wealth of nutritional benefits, these spicy pickles will add a touch of quality to your recipes. They are designed to season and complement your dishes and will give the perfect spicy touch to your cocktails and snacks, making them an ideal aperitif. Without leaving behind the concept and Mediterranean tradition, they become the perfect alternative for a healthy diet since they maintain the most basic properties and benefits of pickles, being rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber.

Do not forget that both flavor and texture, maintain the most representative values ​​of the homemade and historically regional cuisine of our land, Murcia, which provides a meaning and a unique and close essence, with which it is intended to offer nature to the public and Delicias Agrucapers brand values.

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